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Hello!  I'm Amy Roadman, a PreK-12 Certified Art Teacher with 20+ years of experience.

As a visual arts educator, I strive to bring creativity into the lives of others.  My career is based on teaching art in-person and virtually, helping virtual teachers build their businesses, and providing creative opportunities to those that want to work with their hands.

We believe art and creativity can be taught, you don't have to start out with innate talent, but a desire to create and practice. So many of our students expect to be an expert after one drawing and are disappointed if they struggle at all during the process. 

We are always careful to nurture our students to help them realize that practice is essential.  Other activities or sports that they participate in require a tremendous amount of practice before they play the first game or get up on a stage to perform.  When put into this context, they begin to understand that they don't have to put that kind of pressure on themselves and are able to enjoy every step of the learning curve.

Our students' success is of the utmost importance to us.

 Meet Our Teachers

Brooke Roadman

Brooke has been leading summer camps and working with small children for 6 years.  Her specialty is with 5-10-year-olds, where she will be leading many classes in that age range.  In addition to extensive drawing experience, she is an expert in clay.

Lori Battaglia

Lori is an experienced art educator with a Master's Degree in Art Education. Her background includes teaching all levels of public, private, and online art. It is a joy to be able to welcome students into an environment where they can experience creativity through a variety of media and art techniques. It is her hope that each student that takes a course she teaches enjoys the process and loves the results of their own artwork.

We offer a variety of classes to all age groups with each teacher instructing within their specialty. 


My daughter couldn’t love this class more. Amy demonstrates her strong expertise in water painting skills, while simultaneously exhibiting the admirable ability to engage and relate to her young students. You can tell Amy truly cares about each of her students. Her excitement and expertise shows through in every class, and her friendly, easygoing personality makes the classes all the more enjoyable for my daughter. Thank you, Amy, for giving Kaley something to look forward to each week!

- Kimberly

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