"The only thing standing between you and outrageous success is continuous progress."- Dan Waldschmidt, business strategist

Let's think about your business.

Is keeping everything organized and in its rightful place a challenge?

 Do you find it overwhelming to manage and organize all of the digital information that is part of your day-to-day operations?  Emails, documents, customer data, copy, photos, video files, your downloads folder…I could go on.  It can be difficult to ensure that nothing is lost or misplaced.  It’s a struggle to keep up with it all because you are constantly producing more.  Build systems to ensure you never get this backed up again.

When is the last time you focused on creating a consistent and updated looking brand? 

Creating a consistent and compelling brand identity can be a challenge.  Do you have updated images? Do you have the time, knowledge, and resources to produce high-quality visual content to effectively communicate your brand message?  Day two of this retreat is focused on building that brand ease to build relationships with your customers.

Are daily operations getting in the way of working to set your business apart from the competition?

Thinking outside the box, generating new ideas, and implementing them to improve your business operations to stand out from the crowd is work that often gets pushed aside, right?  There are so many tasks that take up your time on a regular basis that putting in this type of work isn’t always feasible.  This week will provide you with the time to work on creative and innovative ways to grow and run a thriving business.

Join us for this Small Business Boost


I am bringing together professionals who will be helping you move your business forward in a creative way!

We are three professionals who have come together to offer a unique experience for small business owners looking to improve their digital organization, branding, and overall creative approach to running their business.

First, there is Lisa, a digital organization expert who has helped countless small business owners streamline their processes and systems through the use of technology. She knows firsthand how overwhelming it can be to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities as a small business owner, and she is here to help you find ways to simplify and optimize your workflow.

Next, we have Kelly, a photographer who has a passion for helping small businesses showcase their unique personalities and values through high-quality imagery. She understands the importance of strong visual branding in today's digital world and is here to help you elevate your brand through beautiful and authentic photography.

Finally, I'm Amy, a creative coach who specializes in helping individuals tap into their own creativity and find innovative ways to grow and thrive. I know that running a small business can be challenging and I'm here to offer support, guidance, and inspiration to help you turn your business goals into a reality.

Together, we are excited to offer a retreat that combines our expertise and experience to help you take your small business to the next level. We can't wait to work with you and see the amazing things you will accomplish!

We can't forget Brooke, you'll meet her as she provides additional opportunities to make our retreat extra special.

Need More Information? Let's Talk

All-Inclusive Experience


Let us take care of everything for you so that you can walk away from reality with no responsibilities to think about during your time here.  Food and refreshments will be provided along with a stay in a luxurious home in close proximity to the beach, marina, and island adventures.


Once you disembark the ferry, I promise you, it feels like you have stepped into a different dimension.  All time stands still and you are able to feel completely disconnected from the mainland so you can focus on renewing your energy as a business owner. 


Build Your Business


With our guidance and expertise and your creative spirit, you will be able to take care of the parts of your business that you keep pushing to the bottom of your list. 

Being organized is a key component to scaling your business. 

A professional appearance brings the know, like, trust factor to your customers.

Getting creative with how you manage your time and present yourself will set you apart from your competitors.

In addition to the business coaching sessions, you'll have time to journal, practice yoga, paddleboard or kayak, go crabbing, relax at the beach, sit by the pool, soak in the hot tub, and explore your creative side to make and create alongside one another in a no-pressure zone.  

Explore Together


There is no shortage of things to see or places to explore on the island.  Take a hike through the maritime forest trails, walk the beach, or stroll through Harbor Village.  We can't forget about the rich history of the island and seeing what kind of work they do at the conservancy.


Greet the ferry from the pier, find the best beach access to catch the sunset (P.S. I know which one it is), search for shells at Cape Fear, and bird & dolphin watch in the marsh.  It's magical here!


What parts of your business do you always push aside?

You know, all those things that take time, seem overwhelming, or can wait until other, more important tasks get done (but are seemingly neverending).

I was there until I finally said it was time to invest in myself for my sanity and no joke, as soon as I became more organized and felt that I had a more professional brand, I was able to focus on growth within my business.

Digital Organization


Digital Decluttering 

Developing & Maintaining Digital Spaces

Tame Your Inbox

Branding Photography


The Face of Your Brand

Beyond the Pose

Lifestyle and Fun Images

Creative Topics


Setting Intentions in a Visual Format

Building Templates

Visiting Our Goals and Making Realistic Plans

Give your business a boost... 

...on an island oasis of inspiration.


Monday-Saturday, June 26-July 1, 2023

I'm so disappointed that I can't make it this week but WOW! It sounds amazing!

Personal Expression

Are you tired of feeling like just another cog in the machine? Do you want to stand out and make a unique impact in your business? This retreat is designed to help you tap into your own personal style and vision, and use it to set your business apart from the rest.

Find Your Creative Voice

We will delve into topics such as self-discovery, branding, and storytelling, all with the goal of helping you find and cultivate your unique voice. You will also have the chance to connect with other like-minded individuals and share your experiences and insights.

Guided Instruction

Digital Organization for Your Business 

Set a solid, digital foundation for your business. No one wants to waste precious time or energy searching for files or worrying about missing an important email because your inbox is a disaster. Lisa will lead three sessions to get your files, emails, and digital spaces clutter free and ready to support your business. Have an area that drives you bonkers (I'm looking at you Canva!)? Lisa will tailor sessions to the retreat participants' needs.

Personal Branding Photography provides imagery for you to tell your story and connect with your audience on a personal level that helps to grow your business. These photos will showcase your unique personality and can be used in a variety of ways throughout your website, social media, and marketing platforms. As educators, we want to buy from an actual person, not just a brand. We can spot "salesy" from a mile away. Your branding images should show not just what you look like, but who you are. Your gallery could include headshots, pictures of you in action, styled images of your favorite things, and so much more.  Walk away with 10 personal branding images taken in or on the grounds of our rental retreat.

Creative Work Sessions that focus on setting visual intentions for your business can be incredibly useful in helping you establish a cohesive visual identity and brand image. 

Building templates are a valuable time-saver, as it can help streamline your marketing efforts and make it easier to create consistent, professional-looking materials. This might include creating templates for email newsletters, social media posts, and other marketing collateral.

Last but not least, let’s revisit your goals and make realistic plans for improving your workflow. This might involve identifying areas where you can be more efficient, setting benchmarks and targets to measure progress, and developing strategies for overcoming any challenges or obstacles that arise. By taking the time to regularly review and optimize your workflow, you can increase your productivity and better support the overall success of your business.


Yoga Sessions

Each of the optional yoga sessions offered will be led by Brooke, a certified yoga instructor.  They will be fitting for the time of day and the upcoming activities to prepare us for the best day ever or to set us up for a restful night's sleep.

Vinyasa will get us flowing with the breath to be more energized in the morning and yin/restorative yoga will settle us into a soothing night routine.  

Participate in as many or as few of these sessions as you'd like.  Each session will be beginner-friendly, and personalized as we go.


Bald Head Island, a roughly 5 square mile southern North Carolina barrier island, boasts plenty of outdoor adventures to be experienced as well as an interesting history.  There will be daily opportunities to explore the island whether it is by foot, bicycle, golf cart, kayak, or paddleboard.

From one end of the island to the other - 14 miles of beaches to be exact - and the Cape Fear River, marsh, and maritime forest, we'll take you to all of the reclusive corners of the island.

Open Studio

There will be the opportunity to explore our creativity and express ourselves artistically or work on our businesses in a more independent way during the evening hours.  It is a time that is intended to foster creativity and encourage experimentation among a more social time as we get to know each other better. 

You may choose to continue working on projects from earlier in the day or create small, fun pieces of art inspired by your surroundings to take home with you.  Of course, we will still be available for guidance and support on anything you will be working on.


Whether you bring a good book to read on the beach or balcony, you take time to journal, or you just need to soak in the sounds of nature, you'll have plenty of downtime to reflect on why you needed to take a retreat in the first place.

I need a good rest.


There will be plenty of opportunities to take in the sights and sounds of the island, walk along the beach, and explore the maritime forest.  We'll use these relaxing activities as inspiration for much of what we do this week.

Enjoy relaxing evenings experimenting with the more low-key open studio activities or pamper yourself with a mani/pedi and mud mask before snuggling into the luxury of our beach house for the night.

I would love to relax.


Experience community building time at open studio, in front of a good movie or playing games together.  Take advantage of one-on-one paddleboarding lessons in the serene marsh or climb to the top of the lighthouse to take in the breathtaking views.

Let's recharge!

There's a reason why I have chosen Bald Head Island to host retreats.  This is a vacation spot that I have been frequenting for over 20 years and although I love to explore and see the world, I keep coming back because it truly allows me to take a break from reality.  There's something about leaving my car behind and jumping on a golf cart to explore the island that just doesn't compare to any other experience I've had elsewhere.  Last year's participants can attest to that!  See for yourself what makes Bald Head Island so special!

Want to hear more? I'll explain it all to you anytime.




Amy Roadman is a creative professional with a passion for helping small business owners bring their vision to life through visual resources.  One of her core values is the belief that creativity is at the heart of every successful business.  She strives to ignite that creativity in her clients, encouraging them to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to their challenges.



Lisa McHargue is a former high school Spanish teacher turned digital organizer. Since 2020 she’s been helping online business owners take control of their digital chaos and create systems to keep the backend of their businesses organized so they can focus their time on doing what they love instead of swearing at Google Drive. When she's not geeking out about digital organization or minimalism, she's probably hanging out with her family or pretending to be a contestant on The Great British Baking Show.



Kelly is a Preschool Speech Language Pathologist, National Board Certified Teacher, and Professional Photographer. Her TpT store, Speaking of Images, primarily features products that support TpT sellers. Kelly has done Personal Brand photo sessions for over 75 Teachers with an online business. She is the founder and owner of the Image Maker Membership, a subscription based program where hundreds of Educators with an online business access  close to 10,000 mockups, moveable photo pieces, student model images, and tutorials–all designed for Educators.



Brooke is our resident yoga and paddleboard instructor who specializes in making healthy choices for our overall well-being.  She is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer as well as a dietetics major who will be assisting with meals, bringing a balance to eating well while also pampering us with delicious desserts as we enjoy this retreat experience.  Her background brings harmony to mindful experiences that are special to retreats.

What others have said about past workshops and retreats:

- Melissa S.

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by comfort (or hygge, as was the overarching theme of the weekend).  We settled in by the hearth and were introduced to each other and reviewed the itinerary with a few personalized surprises thrown in!  The whole experience was so comfortable and inspiring.  The hosts were so welcoming, encouraging, and knowledgeable without being overbearing and rigid.  Before bed, we were treated to a relaxing yoga session to help us get ready for restful sleep.  It truly felt like a retreat from reality.  The setting was perfect and every last detail was thought of.  I left feeling refreshed and ready to create.

- Sarah M.

The studio experience was very validating and affirming.  I wasn’t afraid of making mistakes because of the instructors' willingness to help me focus on being successful with the materials. The open studio time was very relaxing and low-stress. Just perfect. (Yeah, I said that)! Loved this from beginning to end!!!


We will enjoy our time exploring the island and take advantage of our natural surroundings in between our highly productive work sessions.

Don't worry, although there are plenty of activities planned each day, nothing will feel overscheduled.  We'll be on island time!

Guided sessions led by Amy, Lisa, or Kelly will be held in the morning and late afternoon, allowing for a long lunch and early afternoon break.  Individual 30-minute hot seats will be fit into each day as well.

Optional activities and island excursions are listed below.  These can be done individually or in small or large groups.  Some activities are weather and tide-dependent, therefore, they will be decided on a daily basis.


  • Arrival
  • Snack and Settle In
  • Golf Cart Tour of the Island
  • Dinner 
  • Sunset Beach Walk
  • Visual Intention Setting
  • Open Studio
  • Yin/Restorative Yoga


  • Breakfast 
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Branding Session
  • Activity/Excursion
  • Guided Instruction
  • Lunch & Break
  • Guided Instruction
  • Dinner
  • Branding Session
  • Open Studio
  • Yin/Restorative Yoga


  • Breakfast
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Activity/Excursion
  • Guided Instruction
  • Lunch & Break
  • Guided Instruction
  • Dinner
  • Open Studio
  • Yin/Restorative Yoga


  • Breakfast
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Activity/Excursion
  • Guided Instruction
  • Lunch & Break
  • Guided Instruction
  • Dinner
  • Open Studio
  • Yin/Restorative Yoga


  • Breakfast
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Activity/Excursion
  • Guided Instruction
  • Lunch & Break
  • Guided Instruction
  • Dinner
  • Open Studio
  • Yin/Restorative Yoga


  • Breakfast
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Closing & Business Session Review
  • Checkout & Departure

Optional Activities and Island Excursions

Beach Time at our Favorite Accesses * Relax by the Pool and Hot Tub * Browse the Shops * Crabbing in the Marsh * Paddle Board or Kayak * Old Baldy Lighthouse & Smith Island Museum of History * BHI Guided Historic Tour * BHI Conservancy * Shell Walk on East Beach * Marina Walk * Greet the Ferry on the Pier * The Common at Cape Fear Station Park * Bike Rides * Island Walks * Lagoon Overlook * Music Bingo at The Wisp * Trivia Night at The Wisp * Island Retreat Spa & Salon * The Forest Pavilion * Trail Walk in the Nature Preserve * Tour of the Marsh & Middle Island

Specific rooms will be booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You will have the choice of rooms in the luxurious vintage nautical grand estate that we will be staying in.  

  • King Master Suite with Private Bath (Sleeps 2)
  • King Suite with option to separate beds into twins (Sleeps 2)
  •  Queen Suite (Sleeps 2)
  • Queen Room with Shared Bath (Sleeps 2)
  • Bunk Room (Sleeps 4)

*Prices vary based on the size and privacy each room provides along with if you choose single or double occupancy for the king/queen beds.


Master King Suite

Double Occupancy



King or Twin Suite

Double Occupancy



Queen Suite

Double Occupancy



Queen with Shared Bath

Double Occupancy



Bunk Room - Quad Occupancy

I'm willing to climb to the top!


Frequently Asked Questions and More Specific Details

Master King Suite - Double Occupancy

$4250 each

Absolute Luxury!


Master King Suite - Single Occupancy


Privacy to Pamper Yourself!

3-Payment Plan
3-Payment Plan

King or Twin Suite - Double Occupancy

$4225 each

Your Own Bed & a Balcony!

3-Payment Plan

Queen Suite - Double Occupancy

$3750 each




Queen Suite - Single Occupancy


Perfection & Privacy!


3-Payment Plan
3-Payment Plan

Queen with Shared Bath - Double Occupancy

$3500 each

An Extended Balcony!



Queen with Shared Bath - Single Occupancy


A Balcony to Yourself!


3-Payment Plan
3-Payment Plan

Bunk Room with Shared Bath - Quad Occupancy

$3250 each

It's a slumber party!

3-Payment Plan

Do you want more personalized service while you have us at your disposal?

For exclusive retreat pricing, you can book 1:1 sessions with any of us to make the most out of your time here. 

Igniting Creativity

Creative problem-solving is my specialty! What have you felt stuck with in your business?  What can't you seem to move past to make progress in an area that would start making you more money, giving you more time, or helping you visually represent yourself in a more professional manner?

Lisa McH

Want to do a 1:1 session with Lisa and have her create a custom action plan for you and your business during the retreat?  Lisa will be available for a 90-minute strategy session completely focused on your needs.

Speaking of Images

If you are interested in a more extensive collection of images, such as lifestyle shots in a local coffee shop, images on the beach, or in locations around the island (I can already imagine golf cart adventure shots,)  you can book an extended session with Kelly. Information about that add-on package will be available to anyone who shows interest and will be arranged separately with Kelly before we head to the retreat.

Wellness with Brooke

Looking for a more personally and professionally balanced life?  Allow Brooke to help you customize a personal training program that is manageable with your lifestyle or develop a personalized nutrition plan that you can take home and actually implement.

Interested in running a retreat for your own team or for a topic that is relevant to your business?  Retreat planning consultations are also an option.

Can't make it to the beach or maybe you prefer the mountains?

We are already scoping out new locations for late 2023 and 2024 as well as offering short workshops.

Join us!


Want to dream about future retreats?

Get on the waiting list for future dates and learn about upcoming events.